Services We Offer Our Clientele


**Appraisals, On-site Auctions, In-House Auctions, Buyouts**



Our appraisers can appraise individual items or estates and will base their opinion typically using several factors-rarity-comperables, the marketplace, regularly monitoring other auctions within and outside the United States.


The Appraisers  base our professional appraisals on several key elements:

We have a comprehensive database of comparable recent sales which  is an invaluable tool that gives us insight on a potential value.
Knowledge of the marketplace, the realities of the buy-sell equation, and the likelihood that a particular collection of assets can be readily converted into a specific amount of cash. We have respect for the professional appraisal function as more of a science than an art and by using our methodology we want to give you as our client a more accurate picture of your items worth..


Gallery Services & On-Site Auction Services:

Elite Auction Gallery (In house) offers our clients a modern approach into the  auction world. We offer  live  and on-line bidding  to a world-wide audience.
On-Site auctions provide our clients with a more traditional sale of goods at their location.


Bidding Styles & Services:

Live Traditional Gallery Bidding - Where you experience a comfortable atmosphere and an illustrated color catalog or listing of the items being sold.

Live Online Bidding - In the comfort of your home or office, with streaming audio to hear the action.

Absentee Bidding - If you are unable to attend, you can always leave bids with our friendly staff .

Phone bidding - When you just have to have it, be on the phone live.